Melvin White has dedicated over three decades ensuring that children in urban city schools are provided positive male role models. At the age of 15, Melvin realized he wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in the inner city by breaking the cycle of abandonment. He studied early childhood education in high school and after completing more than 2000 practicum hours, he pursued his Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education. He later received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Organizational Management from Tiffin University and his Master of Science in Leadership Development from Walden University.

Melvin has worked tirelessly to change the narrative as to how children in the inner city are perceived, especially African American boys. He has served as a Lead Teacher in Head Start programs, preschools and Cuyahoga Community College’s onsite childcare and student training facility. His vision for what was needed in the classrooms has garnered him numerous awards, but none greater than seeing the light in the eyes of a toddler or preschooler when they have mastered a lesson.

Today, Melvin has transitioned from the classroom to becoming a consultant and educational trainer. He is the author of the book: Breaking the Cycles of Abandonment “I AM NOT MY FATHER.” He is the founder and Co-Owner of Legacy Builders Speakers Consulting Group. In his role as Chief Consultant, he contracts with organizations like Cuyahoga County Board of Health and other local agencies to enter inner-city schools to forecast trends in education and effectively coordinate and facilitate workshops that aid in the prevention of premature fatherhood. He is a Perinatal Educator Non-Nurse for Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth were he facilitate classes for new dads and expected dads on how to be engaged from pregnancy through the diaper years.

He has served as a mentor for early childhood teachers where he used coaching techniques that supported effective teaching practices that lead to positive outcomes for children within the context of collaborative relationships with teachers and families.

Melvin serves as V. P. for Henry Johnson Academy Board of Directors, Healthy Fathering Collaborative Committee Member, Males of Color Community Dialogue Committee Member, Starting Point Men in Early Childhood Committee member and Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative Steering Committee member.