UNCF research
Research from the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) imparts wisdom with K12 schools
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Education Equity Group - Core Research
When leaders make critical decisions for school districts, they must leverage sound educational research.
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Equity Research for Pre-School Learners
The early learner is a curious and dynamic learner. The EEG team works with African American children to keep them on the path for success...
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Building Literacy Environments for African American Boys
Thomas - "Providing opportunities for African American boys to see reflections of themselves in print during early literacy motivates them to explore reading beyond their instructional boundaries."
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Achievement Gaps of African American Students
We leverage the information in this study to improve the educational outcomes of African American students.
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Targeted Research on African American Students

Leveraging Qualitative and Quantitative Information to Improve Learning Outcomes

Education Equity Group provides superior quality and custom research programs, metrics, and analytics through annual fix-cost models that education leaders can make strategic equity decisions, identify issues, seize opportunities, and broaden their overall effectiveness.

Education Equity Group addresses every challenge facing your organization. We partner with educational institutions serving pre-school to third grade providing unparalleled insight into student needs at each stage of their educational journey. Our comprehensive equity suite of proven solutions for early learners, families, teachers, schools, and communities is designed with our clients in mind while providing best-in-class education for early learners.