Education Equity Group - Mission and Vision

Education Equity Group believes every early learner must have access to rigorous academic experiences and critical educational resources necessary for success regardless of socioeconomic factors or family background. Our solutions are designed to improve educational outcomes and school culture in at least nine weeks. We work with early learners, their families, school leaders, and community partners to build an ecosystem of academic support, wrap-around services, and strategic alliances to close achievement and opportunity gaps.

Education Equity Group - Family Engagement Score™

Exemplary - Family Engagement Range 100 to 90
Proficient - Family Engagement Range 89 to 70
Needs Improvement - Family Engagement Range 69 to 41
Interventions -  Family Engagement Range 40 to 0

EEG Family Engagement Score™
Three Critical Factors

How is the EEG Family Engagement Score Calculated?

Family Factor
Families are assessed on critical home learning environments, emotional support, and academic support factors to calculate an EEG Family Factor Score.
Student Factor
Students are assessed on critical social, emotional, and academic performance factors to calculate an EEG Student Factor Score.
School-Community Factor
School-Communities are assessed on teacher performance, school-wide testing scores, school culture, and community involvement factors to calculate an EEG School-Community Factor Score.

Closing Achievement and Opportunity Gaps

Family Focused
- Increasing Family Engagement
- Improving Learning at Home
- Offering Family and Scholar Workshops
- Improving School Attendance
- Building Procedures for Organization
Scholar Focused
- Meeting Students at Their Level
- Establishing Strong Relationships
- Providing Learning Opportunities
- Maximizing Project-based Activities
- Improving Academic Performance
School-Community Focused
- Improving School Volunteerism
- Building Learning Communities
- Connecting with Schools and Families
- Connecting to Learning Platforms
- Connecting to EEG Learning Specialists

Leverage Your EEG Family Engagement Score™

Family Engagement Central Questions:

1. Without baseline metrics for family engagement, how will your school district effectively evaluate the support services needed to close achievement and opportunity gaps?

2. Without initial family engagement benchmarks, how will your school district measure success?

3. Without targeted support services linked directly to an EEG Family Engagement Score, how will your school district justify funding to address student issues?

Contact Us Today. We work with school districts to target areas of greatest need. The EEG Family Engagement Score™ provides rationale to maximize your school's funding (Title I). In a minimum of nine weeks, EEG Implementation Directors and Learning Specialists work with families, students, and schools to improve school culture, student attendance, academic achievement, and family engagement.

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