EEG is leveraging a new approach to education and early learning
The leaders of Education Equity Group, LLC are determined to close the achievement gap for African American children ages zero to eight.
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The key to getting ahead is getting started. EEG creates a stronger foundation for academic success.
Our singular mission is to provide African American children and their families the opportunity to reach educational goals
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Our Professional Development Solutions
The early learner is a curious and dynamic learner. The EEG team works with African American children to keep them on the path for success...
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Meet Al Grimes and our Managing Partners
With over 80 years of professional experience in education, business, and community leadership, the EEG board is dedicated to closing the achievement gap...
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Our Solutions Extend Beyond the Classroom
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." At EEG we’re extending our educational solutions beyond the classroom. Contact a member of the EEG team and join us in improving the educational outcomes of African American children ages 0 to 8.