The Educational Equity Group recognizes that educational challenges are complex, and that they are complicated by barriers that are within and outside of school buildings.  As a result, we believe in a complex approach that views education through the wider lens of the educational ecosystem- schools, teachers, kids, and their families.

The EEG Team: We Are Improving Learning Outcomes

  • Professional Development
  • Strategic Equity
  • ☉ Professional development designed to significantly improve the academic achievement of African American children ages zero to eight

    ☉ Experienced strategic inclusion of both the paternal and maternal sides of children’s families in ensuring their success and expanding their “village of support”
  • Culturally Relevant
  • Intelligence Driven
  • ☉ Intergenerational approach that is culturally relevant, student-centered, and trauma-informed

    ☉ Expertise in addressing barriers inside and outside of the classroom that reaches the full spectrum along the educational continuum from early learning, child literacy, parent engagement, parent education, adult literacy, and professional development
  • Individual Equity Plans
  • Reduce Bias
  • ☉ Approaches that appreciatively address the role of bias in unequal educational outcomes

    ☉ Over 80 years of educational experience in our dynamic consulting team

    ☉ Diverse staff of professionals personally invested in the improved outcomes for our children